Special Programs

Live Music at SFPCCMusic is formally integrated into the classroom experience through regular visits from Jordan Potash, a professional musician who specializes in children’s music. Jordan participates in preschool circle every other Wednesday, performing live music with his guitar and other instruments. Jordan performs for the younger classes once a month. SFPCC has had an established relationship with Jordan since 2018 when he took over music at SFPCC when his father Wayne retired. The Center worked with Wayne since 1998, and now Jordan. Wednesdays with Jordan are always much anticipated days at the Center.



To prepare children for an appreciation of structured exercise, dance instruction was introdYoga for Solders Field Park Childrens Centeruced. Physically, it enhances children’s flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness, additionally, cognitive and language skills are called upon as children utilize receptive language skills to processes verbal instructions and executing motor movements, as well as other executive functioning skills such as planning/organizing, working memory, self-control and inhibition of behavior in a larger group experience. Classes are taught by a professional dancer. Dance is a regular activity at the Center, with instruction provided once a month to the preschool and toddler classes.



Knucklebones is a favorite of both children and teachers! Coach Kia plans and directs a variety of developmentally appropriate gross motor activities, bringing with her lots of unique and challenging equipment for children to experiment with. Children have the opportunity to continue to develop their large muscles and strengthen their balance and coordination skills, while working in small groups or as a team, all while having tons of fun!