At SFPCC, we believe young children learn and grow best at their own pace. We try to instill a love and excitement for learning by exposing our children to a variety of experiences and activities appropriate to their individual needs. As they become ready to progress from one developmental stage to the next, we encourage them to feel pride in their own achievements and to appreciate the achievements of their peers. The result is individualized development in a group setting.

The primary goal in each of our eight classrooms is to foster social, emotional, cognitive and intellectual growth. Our not-for-profit status allows us to keep class sizes intimate and maintain teacher to child ratios that exceed state requirements. Each class has a developmentally-based curriculum that enables teachers to incorporate their own approaches and creative abilities according to the needs and interests of their class.

The classroom community and the relationships that children build there are important. For this reason, children spend the entire school year in one class, and as the children grow throughout the year, the curriculum evolves and different equipment is used to meet changing developmental needs.

Learn more about the specifics of each of our eight classroom programs:

Room Group Size Age range as of Sept. 1st *
Infant 1 6 2 months – 6 months
Infant 2 6 6 months – 12 months
Infant/Toddler 7 13 months – 17 months
Toddler 1 9 18 months – 23 months
Toddler 2 9 24 months – 29 months
Toddler 3 9 30 months – 34 months
Preschool 1 17 34 months – 43 months
Preschool 2 17 43 months – 59 months


* This is a general breakdown. The ages for each group may vary by a month or two depending upon the children currently enrolled.