We recognize the importance of making sure parents have a complete picture of what their child does each day. The little details can mean so much! Daily communication and a sense of trust between parents and staff are vital to our Center. That is why we maintain multiple communication channels so parents and staff get the information they seek to understand the day’s activities and help transition from and back to home.

parent_teacher_communication at SFPCC

Daily Communication
In all the classrooms, daily charts record lengths of naps, amount of food intake for each child, and frequency and timing of diapering (where relevant). Drop off and pick up each day is a critical information sharing time and our staffing model is designed to have the necessary coverage to facilitate information exchange. Each classroom has its own schedule board to relate the day’s anticipated activities and any other important notices.

Monthly Communication
On a regular basis, classrooms typically send an email to parents highlighting the curriculum and activities for the class whenever there is a change in theme. Monthly menus and calendars are distributed every month in each child’s mail pocket.

Other Communication
Each fall at the start of the year, parents are asked to attend a 1-1 parent-teacher conference with their child’s primary contact teacher. This is an opportunity to share information about the child and set general goals for the year. Parents receive a mid-year written evaluation that formally assesses the child’s progress relative to developmental benchmarks for the age group. At the end of the year, parents are given a year-end portfolio of their child from their child’s primary teacher that “captures” the year for each child through pictures, artwork and notes. Finally, every class maintains an emergency phone chain to notify families in case of emergency.

In addition to these outlets, the annual Parents’ Night in September gives parents the chance to connect with the teachers in their child’s classroom and learn about the goals and objectives in the coming year. Individual classrooms also hold a fall breakfast in October, a holiday breakfast in December and a year-end breakfast in May/June for socializing and an opportunity to thank and recognize the teachers.

The Center hosts three Center-wide gatherings every year—the Fall Fundraising Dinner in October, the International Potluck Dinner in March and the Year-End Picnic in June.