Collaboration with families is an essential element of SFPCC. Our community is a unique and thriving one due in large part to family involvement.

Through on-going communication, we partner with families to help enhance each child’s individual experience. We work closely with families to know each day how your child is entering the Center, so we can support their transition. You will find fresh information daily about the activities and curriculum our teachers have planned for the classroom. Our doors are always open to caregivers, and you are welcome to check in on your child’s day at any time. At the end of the day, teachers can tell you what your children so often are too excited to recall – what they created, how they grew, what they ate, the stories they heard – to help you and your child transition home.

We also keep you in touch with the Center via phone calls, e-mail updates, and newsletters from both your child’s classroom and the Center. Parent-teacher conferences and written developmental evaluations give you a chance to take a step back and see how much your child has grown, how teachers are guiding their learning, and what to anticipate moving forward. SFPCC’s teachers are partners with you in creating a supportive and dynamic experience for your child, and a seamless and connected experience for caregivers.

In addition, there are many opportunities for families to be involved in our community, and each one further enriches the lives and education of the children within our care. You can choose to be as involved as makes sense for you, from being a member of the Board of Directors or volunteering for a Board committee, to attending social events such as our classroom breakfasts and Center-wide potlucks. Families can influence classroom curriculum by sharing their interests and culture through activities, stories, or materials.

Many of SFPCC’s families are part of the extended Harvard community — coming from all over the world yet sharing a strong commitment to the growth and development of their children — creating a supportive and dynamic place for children and families to belong.