sidebar_programoverview“Our girls don’t even know how much they are learning because they are having so much fun at SFPCC! The learning is inherent in all of the wonderful activities and in the structure of their days. They are developing deep friendships with children of all kinds of delightful and unique backgrounds, skills and interests, and that enriches their lives every day. We feel lucky to have our children in a Center where everything is done so well.”





“From the very beginning, our son has been excited to spend his days at SFPCC. The development of his communication and social skills has accelerated during his time there. The teachers tirelessly work with the children to create a nurturing environment and to enable them to negotiate through the toddler years.






lunch cognitive physical safe“SFPCC does an excellent job of offering the blend of safety, fun and developmental encouragement that we sought in a quality childcare center. The frequently changing classroom environments provide fantastic places for the children to learn and explore. The hot lunch meals are yummy and nutritious. The teachers are caring and skillful. Our child loves going to school and has been thriving physically, socially and intellectually.”






safe fun learning childcare harvard“As a doctor and a pediatrician, I think about my children’s safety if they were ever to have health issues, especially the unexpected emergency. I happened to be around the Center during some of these episodes over the years and was impressed with the staff’s ability to have calmness, composure and grace under pressure as they alerted parents and emergency first responders. I think a fellow SFPCC parents (another doctor whose son had some medical emergencies) put it perfectly when she said, ‘He can’t always be with me, but SFPCC is the next best thing.'”





sidebar_classrooms“I am simply amazed at how much my daughter is learning at SFPCC. She comes home with new skills and new words every day and is so excited to tell me about everything that happened at school. I credit her teachers entirely with instilling this joy for learning and encouraging curiosity to ask questions and think outside the box. SFPCC is providing her with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. We are so thrilled!”







harvard childcare safe environment“What we love about SFPCC is that it gives me such peace of mind. I never worry about my children when they are there. I know they are completely safe and doing fun and interesting activities all day long.”






infant care harvard warm safe“We feel very fortunate to have SFPCC as part of our life. The warmth and expertise of the teachers and staff make the experience a joy. Our daugther is learning a tremendous amount- frequently surprising us at home with a new word or song that she’s learned at SFPCC!”






educated staff emergent curriculum boston cambridge“We feel fortunate to send our son to SFPCC. Not only is the curriculum well designed, but the teachers create a warm, caring and stimulating environment. “







learning creative fun toddlers boston“One of SFPCC’s many strengths is the smart, loving, creative teaching staff. They give us daily details of how our daughter engages in specific activities, how she is learning and growing, and even funny quotes overheard on the playground, giving us a fly-on-the-wall view of her day. And the classroom is so much fun, we wish we could be two-year-olds again!”





early childhod education“We strongly believe in the power of an early childhood education when its offered by educated, thoughtful, grounded caregivers. After 3 great years at SFPCC, we continue to marvel at the teachers’ excellence and the constant support and respect directed at staff by the Center’s administration.”





inclusive diversity“There have been so many wonderful memories at SFPCC as I watch both of my sons emerge from toddlers to little boys. I am constantly impressed by the level of communication that the Center and teachers have with parents. It’s an amazing place and I feel very fortunate that my boys are part of this special and nurturing community.”







family teachers communication“I first became involved with SFPCC 13 years ago when my oldest of four children started there. Little did I know what a positive and significant impact SFPCC would have on the entire family. As each child moved through the Center, I gained a greater understanding of the complexities associated with creating and maintaining such a nurturing environment, and I have a deep appreciation for the strong working relationship that exists between parent, teachers and staff at SFPCC.”